How to fix Fortnite “Cloud Download Failure” error

How to fix Fortnite “Cloud Download Failure” error

How to fix Fortnite “Cloud Download Failure” error

To win a Fortnite Victory Royale, players must use the finest settings possible, but the “Cloud Download Failure” message has been reported to reset settings or even prevent players from signing in. We’ve come up with workarounds to help you get around the problem.

Players have been enjoying the return of Tilted Towers, as well as the new Spider-Man and Boba Fett skins, in Fortnite’s first season of Chapter 3. The vexing “Cloud Download Failure” error, on the other hand, has been getting in the way.

This issue frequently causes players’ controller or mouse and keyboard settings to be reset, but it can also prevent them from ever starting the game. Fortunately, there are a few options for resolving the “Cloud Download Failure” error in Fortnite.

How to fix Fortnite “Cloud Download Failure” error

How to fix Fortnite “Cloud Download Failure” error

1. Check Fortnite’s servers

Because the servers are unavailable, Fortnite’s “Cloud Download Failure” error can appear. You won’t be able to do anything about it if this happens, so you’ll just have to wait for Epic Games to repair the problem.

Everything you need to know about Fortnite’s Server Status can be found in our guide.

2. Restart Fortnite

Something as simple as restarting your game might occasionally fix the “Cloud Download Failure” problem. This may fix any issues that are causing the game to crash.


  • Completely shut down the Fortnite application.
  • Restart your Xbox, PlayStation, or PC and try again to launch and play Fortnite.

Them’s worth repeating these processes a few times, but don’t devote a whole day to it.

3. Contact Epic Games support

If you’ve tried restarting your game and there are no issues with Fortnite’s servers, it’s recommended contacting Epic Games support about the “Cloud Download Failure” error.

They might be able to pinpoint a problem with your console or PC and get you back to playing Fortnite as quickly as possible.

4. Uninstall Fortnite and do a full reinstall

We only advocate uninstalling and reinstalling Fortnite if all other alternatives have been exhausted, but it is sometimes the only way to fix the “Cloud Download Failure” error.

Depending on your internet connection, this could take several hours, so only do it if you don’t mind waiting for the game to entirely reload.

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