How To Fix Dark Mode Not Working On iPhone 14 (iOS 16)

Most mobile applications have the default theme of Light. This means that you’ll need to select your Dark Mode Theme in your iPhone 14 to override the Light Theme. However, since the iOS 16 update, most users are having issues with the dark theme. It’s a hassle to be dealt with because there aren’t many people who like it. Light Theme. In this tutorial, I’ll explain How To Fix Dark Mode Not Working On iPhone 14 (iOS 16)

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How To Fix Dark Mode Not Working On iPhone 14 (iOS 16)

How To Fix Dark Mode Not Working On iPhone 14 (iOS 16)

Dark Mode not working issue is just one of the numerous issues that the iPhone 14 has received after the iOS 16 update. Here are some suggestions on how to resolve it:

  • Perform a Force Restart.
  • This will reset your iPhone 14 completely and should resolve your Dark Mode not working issue.
  • To perform the Force Restart, you will be required to hit the volume up button, and then hold the Volume Down button. Hold down the Power button as well as the Volume Down button until the iPhone starts to restart.
  • This should resolve all sorts issues Dark Mode problems on the iPhone 14.
  • Following that, you’ll be required to Reset all your settings.
  • To complete this step it is necessary to visit Settings General> Reset or Transfer iPhone set -to Reset All Settings.
  • Then, click then the reset all settings option.
  • Be aware of not pressing the reset button Content and Settings because it could erase all your data from your iPhone.

If the suggestions above didn’t work for you, this means that you’re not getting the Wallpaper that you have on your iPhone 14 is not changing. This feature was removed in iOS 16, which was released with the iOS 16 update. The Wallpaper is a substitute for your Dark Mode setting because the wallpaper does not come with a Dark mode alternative to this wallpaper. Stock Apple Wallpaper. This means that there’s no way to fix this. This could or might not be a deliberate move and could be added to subsequent patches. Patch.

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