How To Fix Could Not Setup Mobile Data on Apple Watch

How To Fix Could Not Setup Mobile Data on Apple Watch

How To Fix Could Not Setup Mobile Data on Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 7 & SE include a cellular function. Cellular connectivity is a feature that allows users to call, send messages, reply to SMS, and receive notifications without using any iPhone within their purse. However, sometimes software updates, carriers that are not compatible or settings that are not correct can result in mobile data issues. One example can be Could Not Setup Mobile Data. This error keeps popping onto the Watch screen following the initial setting. Here is How To Fix Could Not Setup Mobile Data on Apple Watch

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How To Fix Could Not Setup Mobile Data on Apple Watch

How To Turn Off Mobile Data/Cellular Not Setup Notification on Apple Watch?

If there isn’t any active data plan or cellular on your watch, then it could be a problem. Make sure you remove the data plan if there is one. If you have an active connection to the Watch then delete it and then connect it again.

  • My Watch > Cellular
  • Tap on I to remove it. Take
  • Click on Add an Existing Plan.

Follow the instructions on the screen. If there isn’t an active plan, then there is no reason to add any further plans. If there’s no data listed in the Cellular section, then there are a few more ways to disable Time Sensitive notifications on Apple Watch.

Look for compatibility with Cellular service

  1. Apple Watch Series 7 List of Supported Carriers
  2. Apple Watch Series SE List of Supported Carriers

The link above will take you directly to the lists of carriers that are supported by region. Press Ctrl + F and enter the country’s name. For example, within the United States AT&T, T-Mobile, US Celluar, Verizon, and others offer an esim-compatible cellular service for the Apple Watch.

Manually update Carrier Settings

  1. Join your Watch to the internet, then tap in Settings and General
  2. Select About. Follow the instructions to update the carrier settings.

Setup Cellular using iPhone

  1. Connect the Apple Watch with your iPhone.
  2. On iPhone start the Apple Watch App.
  3. Click on My Watch > Cellular > Setup Cellular.

Follow the instructions on the screen to correctly set up the carrier service on the device. A majority of the settings will be in place by default.

Remote Cellular Plan from iPhone

  1. Visit the Apple Watch App on iPhone.
  2. Select My Watch Tab > Cellular.
  3. Click on the icon, which is next to Cellular Plan at top of the screen.
  4. Click to Remove Remove Carrier Plan.

Switch off Cellular

  1. Click on the Cellular button on the Watch to switch off the services of a carrier.

If you’re not keen on using the esim service. It is possible to use wifi to get notifications for Apple Watch or for updates.

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