How to Fix Apple Watch Series 8 Stuck On Apple Logo

Apple’s latest Watch Series 8 was released in September 2022. The smartwatch is susceptible to many problems, just like any electronic device. The most common issue is the Apple Logo getting stuck when the smartwatch is turned on or off. It is impossible to use the watch. How can you fix this issue? This guide will show you How to Fix Apple Watch Series 8 Stuck On Apple Logo

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How to Fix Apple Watch Series 8 Stuck On Apple Logo

How to Fix Apple Watch Series 8 Stuck On Apple Logo

Similar to other devices, Apple Watch Series 8 has stuck to the Apple logo regardless of software or hardware issues. These are some of the reasons why hardware problems may occur:

  • Humidity – Apple Watch is waterproof. However, moisture can cause damage to the device’s most important parts.
  • Damaged LCD: A damaged screen could affect the internal circuit of your device.
  • Dust or dirt – A layer of dust can cause problems with the Apple Watch’s operation.

If you experience any hardware issues, it is best that you contact Apple’s tech support or after-sales to have the hardware repaired. If your Apple Watch Series 8 has any software problems, you can find the solutions below.

Force Restart Apple Watch Series 8

  • To turn the Apple Watch off, press and hold down the side button and Digital Crown.
  • Next, press the two same buttons.
  • To restart Apple Watch Series 8, touch the side button.
  • The Apple logo will appear on the smartwatch’s screen. The smartwatch will then normally boot to its main home screen.

Get an Apple Watch Battery

The battery of your Apple Watch Series 8 will need to be checked if it isn’t moving when the Apple logo appears or if it doesn’t start up. You can recharge the battery for a few hours if it isn’t enough. The Apple Watch will then be ready to go again.

WatchOS Firmware Update

Apple releases software updates and firmware files frequently in order to improve the user experience. Follow these steps to update your Apple Watch Series 8 watchOS system.

  • Connect your iPhone and Apple Watch
  • Tap “My watch”, then “General”.
  • Click “Software Update” to download the most recent firmware or software file.
  • WatchOS will update when you enter your iPhone passcode.

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