How to Fix Apple Music Lyrics Not Showing

How to Fix Apple Music Lyrics Not Showing

You may be aware that with the release of iOS 10.1, Apple added a new feature in its Music application that allows users to automatically display lyrics to the songs they listen to. While playing songs on Apple Music it is possible that the lyrics do not show. Sometimes, the icon for lyrics may be greyed out. There are a variety of reasons for this problem. In this guide, I’ll explain How to Fix Apple Music Lyrics Not Showing on your device.

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How to Fix Apple Music Lyrics Not Showing

Following the release of iOS 10 to the general users, the functionality provided by Apple Music and the Music app has been greatly enhanced. The most notable improvement we have seen is to have the brand new Lyrics function, which is now available directly within the Apple Music app, though there are some users who have issues with Lyrics not appearing occasionally.

Before explaining how you can use the feature, it’s crucial to mention that the feature is only accessible to Apple Music subscribers. This means that it will not function if you’re not a subscriber to Apple Music Subscription or with iTunes purchased music libraries.

Furthermore, Apple is still working to add lyrics to some albums and tracks in its database, which implies that not all albums and tracks have been updated to work with that new technology. Therefore, it is possible that some new songs aren’t getting lyrics that are added to Apple Music.

If Apple Music is a service that you utilize to meet your musical desires there are two options to swiftly access the brand-new lyrics feature.

Method 1: How to Fix Apple Music Lyrics Not Showing

  • To start to begin launch the Music app, and begin playing one of your favorite tracks or any other on Apple Music (not one of the songs you purchase from iTunes).
  • On the screen for playback, move up to display an options menu with the names of songs that are in the queue, and, if there is a choice, the option to read the lyrics of the song.
  • Click on the link next to Lyrics. You are able to see the words for the song that is playing within the menu.
  • To open the window with the text and move it upwards and down, swipe it either to the right or left. When you click on Hide to close the window.

Method 2: How to Fix Apple Music Lyrics Not Showing

  • Launch the Music app and play any song on Apple Music.
  • There is an icon in the lower-left corner that is represented by three dots.
  • Click it to display an option.
  • In the menu displayed there are a number of options for the song being played which include “Download”, “Added to Playlist,” …”, and so on.
  • You will see the ability to remember text. To access this function all you need to do is click the button that is relative.
  • The text will show on a transparent screen that covers the entire length of the song. Through which you can move it by swiping.
  • If you’d like to close the page that contains the text, click the Done button located in the upper right-hand corner.

This is all you should be aware of to figure out How to Fix Apple Music Lyrics Not Showing

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