How to find Missionary’s Cookbook (1) in Elden Ring

How to find Missionary’s Cookbook (1) in Elden Ring

Crafting is a crucial skill to master for Elden Ring players. For one thing, it allows them to create the items they need whenever they need them, as long as they have the necessary materials. # How to find Missionary’s Cookbook (1) in Elden Ring

It allows them to save runes that they would have spent on the needed items if they had gone to a merchant. Cookbooks are used to unlock crafting recipes in Elden Ring, and we’ll show you where to find the Missionary’s Cookbook in this article (1).

How to find Missionary’s Cookbook (1) in Elden Ring

Obtaining Missionary’s Cookbook (1) in Elden Ring

The Missionary’s Cookbook (1) can be received not long after the player begins their journey into the world. The Merchant Kalé, who lives not far from where the player begins their journey, sells this Cookbook. Players can travel to the Church of Elleh from their starting point in the open world. They’ll be able to speak with Kalé about getting the Missionary’s Cookbook here (1).

Purchasing the Missionary’s Cookbook (1)

Players can open the Purchase tab and go into the menu after speaking with Kalé to see all of the fine wares he has to offer. They will notice a variety of items that can be purchased, but the Missionary’s Cookbook (1) will cost 1000 runes. It is recommended that players purchase this Cookbook and the Torch as soon as possible in the game to make their lives easier.

Players can craft good items with Missionary’s Cookbook (1)

Players can learn two recipes from the Missionary’s Cookbook (1) once they have them. These are the recipes for the Holy Water Pot, a consumable item that deals Holy Damage to enemies by using FP. They can make the Roped Holy Water Pot, which can be thrown behind enemies to consume FP and deal with Holy Damage.

Crafting is an important skill in the game

It is recommended that players learn to craft as many items as possible. Players can use the materials they collect on their journey to craft valuable items that will aid them in battle. This will prevent them from giving merchants runes. Another significant benefit is that a player does not need to leave a dungeon to receive items that can be crafted.

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