How to find and throw Fortnite Klomberries

How to find and throw Fortnite Klomberries

How to find and throw Fortnite Klomberries

Klombo dinosaurs are currently wandering Fortnite Island, and you may feed them Klomberries, a new consumable item. This is where you’ll find them in the game.

The Klombo dinosaurs were teased in the Season 1 advertisement and were added in Fortnite’s 19.10 update. You may now find these lovely creatures roaming over the Island, and you can interact with them.

If you come across a Klombo dinosaur, you can feed it Klomberries, a new consumable item. In order to complete one of the Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 quests, you’ll need to find them.

In Fortnite, here’s where you can get Klomberries.

Klomberries locations in Fortnite

Around Fortnite Island, Klomberries may be found in plants near Klombos. The Daily Bugle and the Tilted Towers POI are two places where Klombos and Klomberries frequently spawn.

Klombos can be found roaming the region if you land at one of these locations. When you come across one of these bushes, simply approach it and pick up the Klomberry with the interact button.

Klomberries are also available for purchase from the Haven NPC for 25 Gold Bars.

How to throw a Klomberry in Fortnite

You can feed a Klomberry to a nearby Klombos or eat it for health regeneration once you’ve added one to your inventory. If you haven’t been able to obtain one of these consumable things, you can look in other places.

If you upset a Klombo, feed it one of these goodies to make it feel better, then keep offering them to these cute critters to earn rewards in the form of objects it will spit on the ground for you.

By targeting and hitting the’shoot’ button like a grenade, you can drop the item near a Klombo. Before throwing the Klomberry, you must be within 10 metres of the Klombo.

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