How to Find and Delete Duplicate Files on Samsung Galaxy

How to Find and Delete Duplicate Files on Samsung Galaxy

Deleting files is a mess if you have too many files and where some are duplicates and some are unique. Many times, also happens that we delete original ones. Duplicate files also consume a lot of storage of your device. So, to clean up that storage here I bring the method where you can learn How to Find and Delete Duplicate Files on a Samsung Galaxy.

When your Samsung phone storage is full, you also may feel that system is running a little slow before you start deleting images or videos. No matter you downloaded one file multiples times or downloaded it accidentally, the My Files app can help you to clean up your files.

Download: Samsung My Files (Free)

Use My Files to Find and Delete Duplicate Files

  1. To find and delete the duplicate files you need to Open the My Files app and look for Analyze Storage.
  2. To find Analyze Storage scroll down until you see the button titled Analyze Storage.
  3. Then you may see how much internal storage space you’re using in your Samsung device.
  4. Now look for Duplicate files and for that Scroll down, and you will see a section named Duplicate Files.
  5. So finally you need to Open the option of Duplicate Files to view detected duplicates.
  6. You can easily select the duplicate files which you want to delete in your Samsung device.

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