How to Find a Amazon Wish List Of Somebody [GUIDE]

How to Find Amazon Wish List Of Somebody [GUIDE]

It is a great feature to use Amazon Wish List is a helpful and exciting feature that lets users make lists of Amazon items they’d like to receive as a present from their loved ones. In essence, if you’re seeking a great present for someone in your life and you use this Amazon Wish List feature, you are free to buy (and purchase) the item to give them a surprise. # How to Find an Amazon Wish List Of Somebody [GUIDE]

But, if you are unable to not locate an item that is listed under the Wish List Feature on Amazon You could be in a trouble. This is why this guide will help you locate anyone’s family member’s or friend’s shared Wish List If it’s there.

How to find someone’s Amazon Wish List from a Windows 10 or Mac PC

There are numerous variations among macOS as well as Windows 10, but not how a browser operates. Of course, you’ll not use the Amazon application on your PC So using a browser is the most efficient option.

  • Visit and sign in to your Amazon account.
  • Then, hover over and click on the “Account and Lists” entry at the top. Click”Your Lists.” “Your Lists.”
  • Choose”Your friends” under the “Your Friends” tab. There should be a list of your friends who have shared their lists with you.
  • You can also ask your friend to share their lists with you by visiting”Message” in the “Message” area and then clicking “Copy message” as well as “Email the message.”
  • Utilizing ” Copy Message” Sends the message via any method of communication that you have access to (social messaging, an alternative email, or.). Using ” Email this message” will send it to the Amazon email, and provides the recipient with a message when they have responded.

Apart from the usual wishlists, there are also two other kinds that Amazon has included on its site: Wedding Registry and Baby Registry. The explanation is simple enough and, as you are aware that they are a specific list of wishes for weddings and baby showers.

  1. To open either of them, just click on the “Account and Lists” option just like you did before, but this time, you will be able to select either the “Wedding Registry” or the “Baby Registry” entry.
  2. Then, type in your friend’s name, then click “Search.” You’ll see the list of all wedding and baby registry services that are listed under the search terms. Look up your friend’s name, and present them with an amazing present they would like and will need!

How to locate someone’s Amazon Wish List from an iPhone or Android

In the present day, everybody is gazing at their smartphones or tablet. Many do not have computers. You can purchase on Amazon using any device or tablet you’d like. It would be a pity to not be able to browse your friend’s wish Lists and purchase items they’d like to purchase from Amazon.

It’s true that not very many people visit Amazon using a mobile browser. There’s a specific application that simplifies things.

No matter if you’re making use of the iOS phone or Android applications, they are the same. This is not a common occurrence!

To see someone’s contact list of contacts on iOS or Android provided you’re logged into the account and that the individual is sharing the information with you Follow these steps:

  1. Use the “Amazon Store” application on your iOS and Android phone.
  2. Click “hamburger icon” “hamburger icon” (menu icon) located in the upper-left area of the application.
  3. Choose “Your Listens.”
  4. Make use of the “Search” or the “Search” field to locate the person with the shared list in the Amazon Wish Lists.

How to Find someone’s Amazon Wish List on an Amazon Kindle Reader

The Amazon Kindle readers are great digital substitutes for books. In terms of reading, they’re probably the most suitable devices for it.

Yes, you can use Amazon Store. Amazon Store via your Kindle device. You can create a Wish List. Also, you are able to access your friend’s Wish Lists and more.

Find the friend’s or family member’s Wish List on the Kindle.

  1. On the home screen of your Kindle you can navigate towards your Kindle home screen, then click on the “Amazon Store” app.
  2. Log into your Amazon account using your login details If you are not already authenticated.
  3. Click on “Registry” or “List.” There are numerous books that are categorized by interest requirements, needs, or other specific goals.
  4. Find the book you would like to purchase and buy it.

Purchase an item from the Wish List

The whole point is buying things from an Amazon Wish List. The items you buy from Wish Lists are sent to the creator of the list–it’s similar to gift shopping, but there’s no risk of purchasing something your friend will not need or doesn’t need.

To prevent mistakes, follow these steps to buy products from the Wish Lists for your loved ones. Do not worry about the checkout procedure, it follows the same procedure as usual. The only distinction is the fact that your address will be already added in the section of “Other addresses” in order to keep it private.

  1. Choose the present from your friend’s Wish List. This won’t take you to the gift’s default page, but instead to the Wish List page.
  2. On the next page, choose “Add to Cart.”
  3. You can confirm this in the next pop-up window by clicking the “Add to Cart” “Add to cart” button one more time.
  4. After that, click on “Proceed for Pay for.”
  5. Then, choose then the “address” on the checkout page. Make sure you select”Other addresses” instead of the “Other address” option.
  6. Click on “Gifting Options” You can choose to add a note to the gift.
  7. You can take out”price details” or ” price details” from the receipt. It is recommended to take this action in the case of presents.
  8. Then, click “Place a purchase.”

As you will see, finding a person’s Wish List on Amazon is extremely easy, regardless of the device you are using. You should read this article thoroughly to make sure you don’t make any errors. You would like the gift to be delivered to the correct person, with the right address, and you want to avoid duplicate purchases.

Last but not least, be aware that Amazon has Wish Lists as well as those for the ” Wedding Registry” as well as the ” Baby Registry” lists. If you don’t locate a list of friends that you want to check, it could be in the wedding registry or baby registry sections.


How can I find Amazon Wish Lists that were previously given to me?

Visit ” Find a Wish List” and then enter your credentials to sign in when you are asked. It is recommended to you should use your email address for the individual you are trying to contact. You could also make use of their name, however, your email addresses are unique which will ensure an easier match. After that, click ” Search” and search for the friend’s wish list. If you wish to bookmark the page on your list, choose ” Remember.”

How can I make sure that I can share the contents of my Amazon Wish List?

A lot of people purchase items off their list of wishes, you could also share your wish list with others.
1. Begin by clicking ” Your Lists,” then go to ” Manage List” from the menu for lists.
2. In the section titled ” Privacy,” select the ” privacy setting” of the setting you prefer. ” Private” means only you are allowed to access the options. ” Public” means that anyone is able to locate it. ” Shared” means that only people who have an email address on your list can view it.
3. After you’ve decided Once you’ve decided, select ” Save Changes” to confirm.

Clicking ” Share,” located at the top of the page You will be able to inform others about your list via email. The recipients will be notified of the URL of your Wish List. Be aware that your recipients may have to wait for up to 15 minutes until they are able to look up your list.

Did the person receiving the gift get notified of the purchase of the gift?

The recipient will not receive any notice or message when buying gifts for them at the very least, not automatically. This is known as”the ” Do not ruin my surprise” setting. In essence, this setting prevents the recipient from receiving any notifications about the purchase of an item for them. The feature is ideal for surprise gifts, but it can cause mini-disasters in which the person receiving the gift is able to purchase something from the Wish List while the same gift is still in transit.

1. To avoid this occurring (but it could also ruin your excitement) Go to your “Your lists” menu, select “Manage the list” on the list you want to modify, and remove the checkmark “Keep the items you purchased in your lists.”
2. You can then decide if you’d like to switch on the ” Do not ruin my delights” option, or turn it off. It’s dependent on you.
3. Complete by clicking ” Save Changes.”

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