How to Earn Money with AdFly

How to Earn Money with AdFly

How to Earn Money with AdFly

There are numerous methods for earning money online. You can make money online by using You may earn money from individuals just by having them click on your links? Unrestricted assistance With, you can get money by shortening URLs. You’ve probably seen an ad before while you’ve been trying to download something.

What exactly is Adfly? One of the greatest URL shortener platforms is Adfly. Adfly is similar to other URL shorteners in that it allows publishers to shorten their URLs. However, Adfly is different in that it allows you to earn money. It’s simple to sign up and join their network. When someone clicks on the adfly short URL, a 5-second frame appears with an advertisement.

How to Use URL

Publishers make money by posting shortened links on their forums or social media pages. The majority of users that use seek to profit from internet traffic. You can post the monetized links directly on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and others. You can share the link with your friends. What exactly are URL shorteners? Shortening large URL links to small URLs is done with URL shorteners.

How much does Adfly pay per 1000 views?

Adfly pays up to $10 every 1000 views; this may seem like a little sum, but consider this: What percentage of the population uses Twitter or other social media sites? On a daily basis, more than 700 million people utilize Twitter or other social media networks. You can make more money if a small percentage of social media site visitors click on your shortened URL links. Joining is the best approach to get a lot of people to click on your shortened URL links.

Interstitial: The user must wait 5 seconds before accessing the original link, but will pay extra for 1000 views, on average $16.00 (desktop)/ $6.00 (mobile).

Banner: The user has access to the original link as well as the banner at the top, but they pay less for 1000 views, on average $2.30 (desktop)/ $1.60 (mobile).

Another aspect to consider is that individuals who have a website or blog can make more money by using AdFly’s pop-ads model, which pays on average $6.70 (desktop)/ $3.40 (mobile) per 1000 views.

How do I sign up for AdFly?

1. Now is the time to join> fill in the required information> The terms and conditions are acceptable to me> Join.


2. Open the email and click the verification link.

3. Enter your confirmation code in the box provided.

4. Enter your email address and password to log in. Begin earning money by utilizing adfly to shorten URLs.

How do I withdraw money from AdFly?

Your AdFly earnings balance must reach $5 before you can request payment within 24 hours (if your account is enabled) or wait for the payment to be made automatically on the next business day of the following month.

The funds can be transferred via PayPal or Payoneer, which don’t charge any costs and allow you to receive exactly what you took out of AdFly.

How to Earn Money with AdFly

The nicest part about AdFly, in my opinion, is that anyone can profit from it, regardless of their knowledge of blogging, the Internet, computers, or other forms of technology. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to making money using I’m going to give you several AdFly money-making ideas, but it doesn’t mean that they are the only methods to make money. Make your own unique ways to share your URL links so that they reach a large number of people and they click on them. In a word, people will only click your links if you have anything fascinating to share with them. Here are a few areas where you can post your URL links. However, before you post your URL links, make sure you have anything interesting to offer. Let’s get started:

Share Your Link on Twitter:

Get some Twitter followers and share your links there so that your followers can click on them.

Share Link on YouTube:

You may also share links on by uploading videos.

Make a forum post:

Most forums allow you to include URL links in your posts. Find a trendy topic that will be popular for at least a few months. Find and join forums that are linked to that topic. Look for something relating to that issue and discuss it on a forum. Continue to increase the number of posts you make. You will see a gradual increase in your earnings.

Share the link on Pinterest:

Share images of popular material along with links to your website.

Create a website or start a blog:

You can create a free website (blog or Google Site) and include your URL links in your content (Just change your outgoing links to AdFly links or you can also use their website entry script or full page script).

Refers to Others:

This has been proven to be the most effective approach to profit from Adfly. You will make money just by referring your relatives, friends, or anybody else to AdFly. You will receive 20% of Publishers’ earnings for the rest of their lives if you refer them.

Advertisers that refer others receive a 5% commission on any advertising orders they place.

Comment on Blogs:

This is identical to “Post on forums” above. The only difference is that you are now publishing on blogs/websites that are linked to your topic.

Monetizing your website or blog with AdFly

AdFly allows you to work with the Pop-Ads template, which ensures you more cash for your project, in addition to the shortened links that you may post on your website/blog.

Working with AdFly can significantly enhance your income if you have a project built on the Google Adsense template, as the two complements each other.

On the other hand, if your project does not qualify for Google Adsense or similar programs, know that you can find a solution in AdFly, which accepts sites without issue.

Of course, AdFly will not be a big source of revenue in every niche, but some stand out, such as:

  • Downloads
  • Reviews
  • Movies / Music / Games
  • Humor
  • News
  • Technology

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