How to Download Facebook Story [Full Guide]

How to Download Facebook Story [Full Guide]

People may post interesting reports on Facebook. However, Facebook stories go away after 24 hours from the date they were posted. Also, you’re in no position to stream Facebook online videos. Sounds disappointing? Don’t worry! We have a simple solution for you. It’s been a long time since the Facebook Story download was not an actual thing. You can now download Facebook stories in a painless procedure and then watch them offline. Chrome extensions, online tools, and mobile apps to mention some are resources to help you download stories from Facebook. Let’s explore together for more information about how to download a Facebook story.

How to Download Facebook Story [Full Guide]

Part 1: How to Download Facebook Story Online?

Downloading Facebook Stories is a breeze with online tools. They allow you to download your stories without signing up or creating an account. Additionally, you don’t require any other application. If you’re curious about learning more about Facebook stories download them on the internet We’ve selected the three best online tools. This is how you can make use of these in order to download Facebook stories.

1. allows you to download Facebook stories in only a couple of clicks. The online tool is available to all users and is completely free for use. You must have access to its site to begin downloading videos from Facebook. The steps listed below outline the ways you can utilize

First Step: Access Webpage

Type the URL in your browser to access the webpage of the online downloader.

Second Step: Copy the link to the Facebook video and then download the video.

The link is copied in the Facebook window that shows an article. In the box for links and then click to download.

Step 3: Choose video quality

Choose the quality you want to download your Facebook story.


It’s a fast and effective Facebook video downloading tool. It is a great tool for downloading Facebook videos that you would like to save to your device to watch offline. It is compatible with all browsers on the internet. Are you interested in learning how to download videos using Follow this step-by-step guide.

Step 1 Copy the story link

Right-click the story and choose your copied link from the menu of choices.

Step 2. Start

Go to’s website. website and copy the link to the story into the box.

Step 3: Get the YouTube video

Click on the button and then wait for the program to process the video. Choose the desired quality of the video

Notice: Some software may not permit you to download videos from personal accounts. Thus, only video links taken via the shared account will be processed.

3. Getvid

It’s among the top online tools for downloading Facebook Stories and storing the stories in MP4 format. It is a simple and user-friendly interface. It only takes a few moments to upload a story from Facebook with Getvid. Follow these easy steps for how ways to save Facebook stories with this program.

Step 1 Start Getvid

Navigate to the Getvid page in your web browser.

Step 2 Copy URL

Open the Facebook story, and copy its URL from the URL bar.

Step 3: Download

Copy the URL into the box, and then press the download button. Choose to the download option in normal quality to watch the video.

Part 2: How do I download Facebook Story using Chrome Extensions?

Chrome extensions aid Chrome browsing in a variety of ways. Extensions typically help users use features that aren’t accessible in the original application. For example, you would like to transfer a piece of content on Facebook however, there’s no option available for you to do so on Facebook. This means that you will require Facebook’s Facebook stories downloader extension for Chrome to accomplish it completed. We’ve selected the following two extensions that are the best to help you. Let’s take a look.

1. Story Saver

Story saver lets you Download and store Facebook stories quickly. In out of Facebook this extension can help you save your stories on Instagram as well as Whatsapp. We’ll look at how you can accomplish this by following a few simple steps.

1. Install the extension

Go to Chrome the store and look up the extension. Select “Add to Google” and then click the extension to add in the event that a pop-up is displayed.

2. Open the Facebook story

Visit the website that has the story you would like to download.

Third Step: Download the story

Select the Extension Manager located at the top of the right-hand corner. Select the download symbol within the Story Saver extension box.

2. Download Facebook Video

Another easy-to-use extension for downloading Facebook videos and stories. It lets you take and store Facebook Stories, GIFs images, thumbnails, as well as photos uploaded to accounts and pages. Do you want to know what this extension does? If so, take a look at the next steps.

Step 1: Download the extension

Access Chrome Web Store and look for an extension. Click Add to Chrome to install it.

Step 2. Start Facebook via the extension

Click on the extension that has been installed and choose to open Facebook.

Step 3: Download

Click the download button in the upper right-hand corner of the video. Choose options from the high-quality.

Part 3: How to Download Facebook Stories to Mobile?

1. Save Story to Facebook Stories- Download

It is a fast and effective application for downloading Facebook stories. It has an intuitive user interface. Additionally, its dark-colored theme will surely entice users. It lets you download videos with speedy speed and with high quality. The application is stylish and is available for download via Google Playstore. Follow these steps to complete Facebook stories using this app.

First, download the app and then launch it.

Start Google Playstore and click the install button. Click on the icon of the app to start it.

Step 2: Download desired story

Log into Facebook using the app, and then open the story you would like to download. Select the 2 dots on the bottom of the page and choose the download option.

2. Story Saver on Facebook

The Story Saver app is a safe platform to download Facebook stories. It lets you save your videos to your mobile device in just two clicks. The process is simple and speedy in this application. It allows videos in high-definition. You can download Facebook stories by following the step-by-step instructions.

First, download the software and set it up

After navigating to the app on Google Playstore. After installation is complete.

Step 2: Open the in-built Facebook video downloader

Simply click on the Facebook downloader menu that appears on the homepage. Hit the yellow download button to download the desired story. Facebook story open.

3. Facebook Story Saver

Facebook is among the lighter applications that permit users with mobile devices to save the stories they have saved from Facebook. It comes with an elegant and easy-to-use interface. Therefore, anyone is able to use it for their mobile. All you need to do is copy and paste the URL from the Facebook story in order to get the movie.

Step 1 Start by downloading and launching the application

Install the program and click its icon to start it.

Note: App can be directly opened on Google Playstore. Google Play store by clicking.

Step 2: Copy-paste link

Click on the right-hand side of the Facebook story and choose the option to copy the link. Copy the link into the application to download the video.

Part 4 How to download a Facebook Story using Music?

There’s no standard way to save or download stories from Facebook. Therefore, you must utilize third-party apps to download Facebook stories. Certain apps let you download the image within the story but not the audio. If you’re searching for a story download from Facebook with music, this section will assist you.

First, install the story saver extension

Look for the extension Story Saver in the Chrome online store and then click Add to Chrome.

Step 2: Utilize this extension for downloading the video

Open the program by clicking on the extension symbol located at the top right corner of your screen. Click Save button

Third Step: Find the HTML0 file

Download the file and play the file in your media player to play the video. It will play with music.

Part 5: How to Download Facebook Stories in a secure way?

External apps can assist you to download Facebook stories in a secure way. All you require is a reliable application for your smartphone or computer in order to store FB stories. One of the most popular platforms is a user-friendly social browser. Here’s how to save stories without revealing your identity with this application.

1. Download and install the app

Use the Search Friendly social browser for your smartphone or computer to begin.

2. Download the Story

Tap any photo or video on the Facebook Story, and then select download


If you like a photograph or video featured in the Facebook story and save it to your computer or mobile. Facebook does not permit its members to download their stories as a default. Therefore, downloading stories on Facebook isn’t an easy task. We’ve selected a few simple and straightforward methods to assist you with this procedure. The methods covered in this article mostly are web-based applications, Chrome extensions, and third-party apps. But, they all are not able to save stories on private accounts. Therefore, select the tool that is most compatible with your needs and download your preferred stories.

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