How to Delete Paypal Account – Full Guide

How to Delete Paypal Account – Full Guide

PayPal-Accounts are simple to set up, usually free, and are used to perform swift transactions. There are a variety of reasons for you to decide to shut down the PayPal-account, or maybe you’ve changed to a different service like Venmo or aren’t satisfied with the PayPal charges, or are looking to create an account using an email address that is different. No matter the cause, this is the best way to end and permanently erase your PayPal-account.

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How to Delete Paypal Account

How to Delete Paypal Account - Full Guide

Why would you want to delete the PayPal account?

There are many reasons to choose to remove the PayPal-Account. Perhaps you have an account for business and your business is shutting down? Maybe you’ve switched to a different service like Venmo or Wise? Or perhaps you would like to create a new-account with a different email address? It could be that you are against the small number of fees associated with specific actions, or are a tinfoil-hat wearer who would like to keep his financial information secret.

Whatever the motive, it’s a great option to remove the PayPal-account, even if do not will never again use it. PayPal is safe, and you must monitor every online service where your personal and financial information is displayed, and be cautious.

What to know before taking action

Before we discuss how to remove your PayPal-account There are a few facts you should know. The first and most important thing is that after you have deleted your PayPal-account, the information will go with it. And It is possible to create a brand new PayPal-account with another (or even a similar) mail address but everything linked to your pervious-account will be deleted. You will lose all transaction logs which is why you must keep a copy of your account data before to shutting down your PayPal-account.

Another thing you’ll need to do is take out any balance that remains within your bank account. It’s possible to do this by transferring your balance into a different PayPal-account, moving the balance to your bank, or requesting a check from PayPal. You can make use of the balance to purchase-items online or give the money to an organization that you believe in.

If you’ve got an outstanding balance on PayPal credit, you’ll not be able to close the account until you’ve paid the amount. The same applies to any remaining payments, or other issues that are not resolved in the account. It is possible to reach customer service for assistance in resolving these in accordance with the problem.

How to Delete Paypal Account Permanently

  • Log into your PayPal account, then click the gear icon located at the top of the right.
  • Select the Account tab and then click close your account within the Account options section.
  • There will be a warning message pop-up. If you’re confident that you wish to remove your account, click Close your account.
  • On mobile, click on your profile icon at the top right corner.
  • Scroll down to and tap on Close account.
  • You will see the same warning.
  • Tap on Close account to confirm.

Watch Tutorial – How to Delete Paypal Account

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