How to Combine Videos on iPhone

How to Combine Videos on iPhone

Video is now a crucial component of any strategy for marketing content. With the rise of social networks, video content is shared more than ever before. There are a variety of methods to record videos, and certain devices are better suitable for video shooting than others. One thing is for certain is that the iPhone is among the top devices to shoot videos. It blends photos, video, and audio in a manner that is simple to shoot or share and edit. If you’re looking to understand How to Combine Videos on iPhone and other devices, this guide is perfect for you! We’ll go into the subject. Stay tuned for more updates as we begin.

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How to Combine Videos on iPhone

How to Combine Videos on iPhone

Using Video Mixer on iPhone

If the only reason you would like to utilize the video editing tools using your iPhone is to mix videos, then try this Video Mixer app. Its sole function is to aid you in merging two videos on iPhone and it does this very well.

  • Start the App Store on your iPhone and search for Video Mixer and download and install the application.
  • After the app is installed, launch it. On the main page, there’s an option that says “Tap to create a new project.” You can begin a new video created by pressing it.
  • The following page lets you specify the way the output should appear. There are three options to choose that you can choose from. Portrait mode is completely free however the other two options will feature ads. You can continue using any mode you’d like.
  • Click the + (+) symbol on the next screen to add a new video to your project. Select the first video you want to incorporate into the application.
  • In order to upload another video into the app, click to add the (+) sign again. Select the video you want to upload in the Camera Roll repeatedly.
  • After the two videos are in place After that, you can tap the button at the top of the screen to make the two videos merge.
  • The video and audio file is now saved to your iPhone.

Using iMovie on iPhone

iMovie is among the most effective video editing tools available for iOS as well as Mac computers. It was developed by Apple. If you’ve tried editing videos on your Apple device, you’ve encountered this tool.

The application can also be used to edit professional-quality videos and showcase its power. It’s free on both iPhone and Mac as well as it can be used to combine videos too.

The steps below show how to blend movies on an iPhone using iMovie

  • It is the first thing to install and download the iMovie application for your iPhone. Visit the App Store and search for iMovie and then install it on your phone.
  • After you have installed the app then open it on the iPhone’s springboard.
  • On the main screen of the app, there are three tabs on the top. To create an entirely new project, select and then tap onto the Projects tab. On the next screen, click Create Project.
  • It will ask you to select the kind of project you would like to tackle. Select the Movie option as you’ll edit a video that falls under this category.
  • You can select videos that you have on your Camera Roll to use in your project. Select the two videos that you wish to be combined, and then press the Create Movie button at the lower right.
  • If you’d like, you may apply effects or transitions to your next display. In the upper-left corner, click Done to save the video clip you have merged.
  • Both your videos are now incorporated into the final file.

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