How to Check When Google First Indexed a Website

How to Check When Google First Indexed a Website

How to Check When Google First Indexed a Website

Google has full features for finding, crawling, and indexing pages or entire websites and making them available to search engines. But how can you know when Google indexed a site?

We’ll go over-indexing quickly in this article before showing you how to know when a website was originally indexed.

What It Means for Google to Index a Page

When Google’s crawler finds a page, visits it, analyzes its content, and adds it to its database, it is considered to have been indexed.

When a user searches for anything, Google examines its number of indexed pages for results that are similar to the query. After they’ve been shown or discovered by the search engine, Google displays the results, which are organized by relevancy.

As a result, only indexed pages can be featured snippets in search results.

How to Know the Date Google First Indexed a Page or Site

According to Google, indexing your new site can take anything from an hour to a few weeks. Others estimate it can take up to a year, depending on how easy your site is to crawl and how many pages are involved.

To find out when a site was indexed, you must first confirm that it has been indexed.

How to Check if a Site Has Been Indexed by Google

  • Just type into Google’s search box to see if a site has already been indexed.
  • You’ll get matched URL in the search results if it’s been indexed by Google.
  • If the site hasn’t been indexed, though, you’ll either receive other results with similar URLs and keywords.
  • After you’ve established that a site has been indexed by Google, look for the date it was indexed.

How to Check the Date a Site Was First Indexed by Google

Knowing when your site was indexed by search engines can help you estimate when it became popular and other results. You can even use this information and a WHOIS lookup tool to see if a suspicious online entity as old as it claims using this information and a WHOIS lookup tool.

Here’s how you may find out when a website was indexed:

  • Use the “site:” in Google.
  • To the right of the site’s URL, click the three dots button.
  • In the “About this result” box, scroll down to the “Source” to see the year and month details when the site was indexed.
  • Sites that were indexed by Google more than ten years ago are simply marked with the phrase “…first indexed by Google more than ten years ago.”
  • Follow the same step on your phone

This function is still in testing, thus the results for some popular or new websites may not publicly available or shown.

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