How to Check Google Storage Space (Desktop/Phone)

How to Check Google Storage Space (Desktop/Phone)

You may be known that Google account has a free storage limit of 15GB but it’s used in Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive. And it evaporates storage slowly. Do you know that how to check to google storage space, if don’t then here we guide you.

Don’t worry it not much hard to check how much Google storage you’ve used, and how much you have left. It will help you to make sure that enough space left in your drive for incoming emails, files, and attachments.

How to check Google storage on Desktop:

  • You need to browse
  • This can also work mobile version too
  • If you have multiple accounts on google then it might ask you to confirm the Google account which you are checking

Google storage space via Google Account on Chrome Browser:

If you have difficulties going through the link. Or you don’t remember then no need to worry, just go to your Google account settings you find there. Follow the below steps.

  • First of all, you need to go to your account icon at the top right corner of a new tab on Chrome browser and then click on it
  • Then scroll down to Account storage
  • It all done, it will take you to and then you will able to see your full Google storage usage

Check Google account storage usage on your phone:

  • First of you need to go to your account icon and for that, you need to Launch Google on your phone and then click on it
  • After that, you find the option of ‘Manage your Google Account’ on your preferred account and click on it
  • Then scroll down to Account storage

There also another way to check storage and for that go to your Gmail account. And then you need to scroll down to the bottom. You can see how many GB you’ve used of your 15GB limit.

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