How to Block Group Invites on WhatsApp

How to Block Group Invites on WhatsApp

We all know there are many messaging apps including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and even iMessages but As we know Whatsapp is a very popular social media app. we may connect with our family, friends all over the world. In WhatsApp Group messaging is a very useful and amazing feature.  But when an unknown person adds us to groups and we if own group unknow person getting in automatically through inviting link which gone viral for some reason. That all things irritate us a lot. So here we will guide you step by that How to Block Group Invites on WhatsApp

Block group invites on Whatsapp

Download the updated version of WhatsApp on your device from PlayStore. Because this new feature of WhatsApp is only available on the updated versions of iOS and Android.

You have to open the Settings tab, and tap on Account. On the Account screen, go to Privacy.

Firstly, open WhatsApp then goes to accounts, see the  Privacy option, go for the Groups option, and tap it. Then you can choose who can, and who cannot invite you to a group on the Groups screen, you can choose who can, and who cannot invite you to a group. The default is set to ‘Everyone’. This means that anyone with your phone number, regardless of whether you’ve ever sent them a message, can invite/add you to a group.

You will find the ‘My Contacts’ option on your WhatsApp screen. It will allow only those users with who you’ve exchanged messages. Those are in your contact list, they all are allowed to add you. It means you will only be added to groups by people you trust who are on your contact list..

You can also find another option of  ‘My Contacts Except…’ on your screen. This option allows you to exclude contacts from adding you to a Whatsapp group.

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