How to Battle in Pokemon GO

How to Battle in Pokemon GO

We’ve put up a comprehensive guide to everything trainers need to know about Pokemon GO battles.

Pokemon battles have been a staple of the franchise since its launch in 1996. The majority of game and film plots revolve around it. To the point where entire competitive leagues have been formed to honor the sport. In reality, every main series release demands players to complete the gym challenge. Which asks them to utilize their Pokemon to battle and obtain all eight badges in that region. Pokemon GO is no exception.

Trainers should read this guide to learn everything they need to know about battling in Pokemon GO.

How to Battle in Pokemon GO

Instead of the typical four-option move set. Pokemon GO only has two: a rapid attack and a charged strike, as trainers have no doubt seen.

Fast Attacks provide less damage than charged attacks. But they require less time to cast and generate “energy,” which is a resource. Charged strikes can be powered by this energy. Trainers can make their Pokemon perform a quick attack by tapping the screen quickly.

Charged Attacks deal far more damage than rapid attacks and take longer to cast, but they do so at the cost of a certain amount of energy. This quantity varies by the move, but each cast is only available. When that amount has been generated through the usage of a fast move.

The appropriate charged move will display in the bottom center of the screen as a type-specific button. By looking at the level of color within the button, trainers can see how close they are to having enough energy to perform a charged move. By pressing the button once, trainers can command their Pokemon to use a charged move.

Trainers must complete a mini-game in which they must tap or contact all of the moving type-icons on the screen in order to perform a charged attack. The number of icons tapped corresponds to the Pokemon’s effectiveness with that attack.

Don’t worry, type advantages are still in effect, just as they were in the main series.

Types of Battles and Specific Mechanics

In Pokemon GO, there are two sorts of battles: Player versus Environment (PvE) and Player vs Player (PvP) (PvP). Gym Conquests, Raids, GO Battle League training, and battles with Team GO Rocket are all examples of PvE battles. PvP bouts are only available in the GO Battle League.

Trainers will be able to use shields to protect themselves against charged moves when combating another character or trainer. Such as in the GO Battle League or with Team GO Rocket. Per battle, each trainer receives two shields. The type of NPC determines whether or not they employ their shield. For example, Team GO Rocket Grunts don’t bother, whereas Executives burn through them at the first opportunity.

Gym Conquests allow trainers to field a standard six-Pokemon squad. That will knock the player out of the fight if they are defeated. Raids can be re-entered immediately. After the first six-Pokemon team has been defeated. Each player is limited to three Pokemon in battles against other trainers or NPCs.

Healing Your Pokemon After Battle

After a battle, trainers may need to heal their Pokemon. This can be accomplished by making use of the healing goods in their inventory. There are revives and potions of varied powers among these. In Pokemon GO, there are two ways to use a healing item:

  • From the trainer’s inventory, where the item is listed.
  • Select “Items” from the Pokemon’s page by tapping the three horizontal lines button on the lower right.

In order to fight, Pokemon must be aware of their surroundings. Their health worth, on the other hand, is irrelevant.

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