How to Automatically Link Google Form to Google Sheets

How to Automatically Link Google Form to Google Sheets

How to Automatically Link Google Form to Google Sheets

You can keep track of responses in Google Sheets once you create a Google Form. However, you may also generate a form directly from your spreadsheet. This connects the two and automatically records the responses.

Perhaps you’re keeping track of project changes and want to use Google Forms to collect them from your team. Maybe you’re collecting feedback for a new product and want to send out a survey. This is a wonderful approach to creating a form tied to a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.

How to Create a Google Form From Google Sheets

Open a new workbook in Google Sheets. If you like, you may alternatively make a new workbook. You also don’t have to choose a certain sheet to begin started. Google Sheets will generate a new Form Responses tab in the workbook once you’ve finished creating the form.

From the menu, select Tools > Create a New Form.

This populates your workbook with response sheets and launches Google Forms in a new browser tab with a blank form ready for your questions. As you add questions to the form, column headers on the Form Responses page in the spreadsheet will populate in real-time.

Complete the form setup process as usual.

The response sheets will be labeled and numbered as Form Responses 1, Form Responses 2, and so on if you generate further forms from the same Google Sheets file. If you like, you can rename the sheet(s).

How to View Form Responses in Google Sheets

You’ll see the responses on the appropriate tab in Google Sheets once you’ve shared your form with others and started collecting responses. These are also automatically added, exactly like the questions you create.

You’ll also notice a handy Timestamp column on the sheet, which automatically captures the date and time for each response.

How to Manage the Google Form From Google Sheets

You may use Google Sheets to create your Google Form and receive responses, as well as perform a few more operations on the form. This is a convenient way to modify, view, and send your form without having to open and log into Google Forms.

From the Google Sheets menu, select Tools > Manage Form. The pop-out menu will show you your selections.

  • Edit Form: To make changes to the form, open it in a new browser tab.
  • Go to the Live Form: In a separate browser tab, open the live form in the same way that your respondents would see it.
  • Send Form: To share a form, open it directly to the Send Form options.
  • Embed Form on a Webpage: Copy the Embed HTML code directly from the form.
  • Show Summary of Responses: To get a summary of responses, go to the Responses area of Google Forms and pick the Summary option.
  • Unlink Form: Once you’ve finished accepting form replies, you can unlink the form and, if required, move or delete the sheet it’s linked to.

With Google Forms and Google Sheets’ real-time connectivity, you may skip the step of selecting a response location once the form is created. You may view responses and evaluate data right away thanks to this direct connection.

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