Google to pay $270 million in fine to France

Google to pay $270 million in fine to France

Google to pay $270 million in fine to France

France’s regulatory authority has fined Google 270$ million for its lack of transparency and discrimination in advertising and ordered a change in advertising policy.

According to the World News Agency, the French Competition Authority said that Google misused its dominant position in online advertising to harm rival platforms and publishers, which harmed domestic companies. A dollar fine has been imposed.

The French authorities have accused Google of giving top priority to its advertising system, Google Ad Manager, which is designed for major publishers. 

According to the government’s Watchdog, Google’s online advertising system sells advertising space to other advertisers in real-time.

The fine comes as the company, which already rules the technology world, faces several lawsuits in the United States over its competitive conduct. The social networking site Facebook is also facing lawsuits from the European Union.

France has become the first country in the world to study Google’s sophisticated online algorithm for online advertising, which knows how the system works and how it harms other business companies. Also estimated.

This is not the first time that Google or Facebook have been accused of controlling advertising and benefiting companies they like. The European Union has already fined Google 4.3 billion euros, while France has been accused of privacy. Has been fined by Google.

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