Google Meet Grid View: How to Enable

Google Meet Grid View: How to Enable

Google Meet grid view

Google Meets can be used for meetings and it has a large capacity for participants. If only a few people join the meeting, then no problem. But if more participants join the meeting, then it gets harder to see who is speaking. So, Grid view helps there.

When you use Grid view in Meet that will help you to display videos of all or picture in a tiled layout which makes you enable to visible more at the same time on the screen. 16-49 people can accommodate in Grid view

How to Enable Google Meet grid view

Follow the below steps to enable the grid view.

  1. First of all, you need to Join a Google Meet meeting to enable.
  2. After that, you will see the “more options/three dots button” on the bottom controls bar and you just need to click on that.
  3. From the menu, you need to select Change Layout and then select ‘Tiled’.
  4. To choose the size of the grid, use the slider which you can find at the bottom
  5. Now you can Close the menu
  6. Meeting participants will appear in the grid now.

Google Meet layouts

There three other layouts which may better for you to work and these include Auto, Spotlight, and Sidebar.

Auto: This will you to adjust the layout in Google Meeting according to the number of people in the meeting.

Spotlight: In this layout, no one else is shown instead of the speaker. The speaker will be highlighted in this mode.

Sidebar: In this layout of Google Meet, you will see participants in a side bar as thumbnails.

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