Frenzy Seal Elden Ring: Where to get it?

Frenzy Seal Elden Ring: Where to get it?

Frenzy Seal Elden Ring: Where to get it?

The Frenzied Flame Seal can be received in Elden Ring and is one of the many Sacred Seals.

The Tarnished have the ability to use Sacred Seals as a weapon. They can be linked to the Faith stat. They can’t be upgraded with Ashes of War, but they scale with Attributes.

This Sacred Seal can be received from Hyetta for those who wish to add a little Frenzied Flame into their repertoire. As part of being Lord of Chaos, it is rewarded at the end of the questline.

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Frenzy Seal Elden Ring: Where to get it?

How to get the Frenzied Flame Seal from Hyetta in Elden Ring

Before they can get the Frenzied Flame Seal, players must fulfill multiple goals. Players must complete a variety of goals they want to increase their Frenzied Flam Incantations and madness-collection.

Only the completion of Hyetta’s questline in Elden Ring will get you the Frenzied Flame Seal. This questline needs players to find several grapes in the Lands Between, and bring them to Hyetta.

These are the locations for grapes:

  • Shabriri grape 1:Found close to a spirit NPC at Stormveil Castle’s throneroom.
  • Shabriri grape 2: Found in the lower level Purified Ruins. To access it, you need to destroy wooden planks and show a hidden staircase
  • Shabriri grape 3:Dropped By Edgar the Revenger at Revenger’s Shack, western Liurnia of the Lakes
  • Fingerprint Grape: Dropped By Festering Fingerprint Vyke along the path to the Church of Inhibition, northeast of Liurnia of the Lakes

To deliver the grapes to Hyetta, players will need to find Hyetta at different locations. She will not receive the Fingerprint Grape, so find the Shabriri Grapes first. Then head to the following locations in order:

  • Near the Lake-Facing cliffs Site of Grace
  • The Purified Ruins are located on the west side
  • Near the Gate Town Bridge. To the right, if you are facing Raya Lucaria Academy
  • In Bellum Church
  • At Frenzied Flame Prescription below Leyndell Royal Capital

Hyetta doesn’t need a grape to reach the final location. Instead, players can speak to Hyetta and request the Three Fingers Flame. After completing, players can return to her.

The cutscene will be where players receive Frenzied Flame. The players can then return to Hyetta. They will be asked to touch her eyes.

If players do what Hyetta says, Hyetta will give a prophecy and then die before dropping the Frenzied Flame Seal.

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