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Fix an iPhone that won’t turn on or keeps turning off

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It could be...

  • A software issue
  • A malfunctioning charging device
  • Serious damage to the hardware

Below, I’ll help you figure out why your iPhone won’t turn on, along with ways to fix it.

  1. Try turning your iPhone on the right way
  2. Force restart the iPhone
  3. Charge your iPhone
  4. Check your cable and charger
  5. Look for any display damage
  6. Check for potential hardware issues
  7. Restore your iPhone using iTunes or Finder
  8. Put iPhone in DFU mode

Fixes if your iPhone keeps turning off

  1. Check iPhone’s battery health and usage
  2. Drain and fully recharge your iPhone
  3. Update latest iOS version
  4. Check if your iPhone is overheating
  5. Check your iOS apps
  6. Remove unnecessary apps and files
  7. Force restart your iPhone
  8. Reset all settings (without data loss)
  9. Perform factory reset on your iPhone
Posted : 07/08/2022 7:28 pm
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