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Elden Ring - Guide and Walkthrough (PS5)

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Elden Ring - Guide and Walkthrough (PS5)

Main Bosses

Evergaol Bosses

This section will discuss what the player can expect from Evergaol Bosses These bosses are usually found across the area of Elden Ring. They aren't major bosses in the story's progression. They can be very rewarding sometimes and they are to be admired, particularly for complete completion to the end of game.

Evergaols are huge circles are accessible by clicking the interactivity button. Once inside, you'll be fighting against a boss in an alternate world. Certain bosses can be extremely difficult and having the proper preparation or equipment is essential. In this article I will share my strategies and tips to beating these bosses.

Boss Name Location Reward
Bloodnight Darriwill Limgrave - Forlorn Hound Evergaol Bloodhound's Fang (Curved Sword)
Crucible Knight Limgrave - Stormhill Evergaol Aspect of The Crucible (Incantation)
Ancient Hero of Zamor Weeping Penninsula Radagon's Scarseal (Talisman)
Adan, Thief of Fire Malefactor's Evergaol - Liurnia of the Lakes Flame of the Fell God
Bols, Carian Knight Cuckoo's Evergaol - Liurnia of the Lakes Great blade Phalanx

Bloodnight Darriwill

The most important aspect of the battle is to have an effective shield that has "hardness". Hardness is a secret statistic within the Elden Ring. The Hardness tier has 6 levels, and, depending on the enemy attack, certain attacks could hit the shield. The enemy is left open to attack. The fight should therefore begin by pressing L1 to stop. Then let Bloodnight Darriwill strike and follow it up by striking your own. One for one so to say.

Maintain your Flask of Crimson tears high, and also wear some more robust armor. It won't be necessary to roll-dodge a lot. The risk of taking more damage due to the lack of armor protection won't be worth it. The reward is the Bloodhound Fang Curved Sword. This sword is distinctive and features an interesting attack for a weapon art/ability.

Blaidd is available to summon assistance here. It is not possible to summon help with the Spirit Ashes. Players must go through the Merchant Kale's Questline. More details on Questlines to follow.


Crucible Knight

This fight is extremely difficult especially if you're not leveled enough and do not have magical projectiles. I would suggest not fighting until later this particular guy. Utilizing cracked pots along with other items like Fire Pots can help. Maintaining your distance is beneficial, and you might prefer to be lighter in terms of weight. This will help you move further and faster for making or throwing projectsiles.

The reward for winning is the Crucible's Aspects Tail. Unfortunately, you won't be able to utilize this item if low-leveled. The mini-boss must be upgraded to about level 45-50 as a suggestion.

Posted : 14/08/2022 9:30 pm