Fortnite Winterfest 2021: Where to Find Toy Biplanes

Fortnite Winterfest 2021: Where to Find Toy Biplanes

Fortnite Winterfest 2021: Where to Find Toy Biplanes

To finish the third day of the Winterfest Quest, you’ll need to find three Toy Biplanes.

Fortnite’s yearly winter-themed event gave players 15 quests to complete over the course of 15 days. Each day brings a new task, which awards players with 18K XP when completed. Winterfest 2021 is the frosting on the cake, and the Quests are just the cherry on top. Players can also locate Christmas gifts on the island and in the Cozy Cabin, where everyone who visits will receive free goodies.

Quests form the cornerstone of Winterfest, which is a vast experience. We’ve already talked about where to find a Snowball Launcher and how to stay toasty by the Yule log. That brings us to the third challenge: finding Toy Biplanes during Winterfest.


In these situations, the helpful resource Fortnite.GG comes in handy as always. While you only need three Toy Biplanes, you can find them in three different places: Greasy Grove, Sleepy Sound, and Condo Canyon. In Greasy and Sleepy, four Biplanes spawn, and five in Condo Canyon.

Given that the Quest went online today, traffic is extremely intense at these places. It’s possible that you’ll have to try a few times to finish the challenge. Condo Canyon provides the best chance of finding all three Biplanes in a single match, as five spawn there. Another option is to land on the edges and search for the things after the other players have rotated out.

Here are the three points of interest (POIs) in more detail:




Feature Images: Epic Games

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# Fortnite Winterfest 2021: Where to Find Toy Biplanes

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