Find Chickens in Fortnite: Location and How to Catch Them

Find Chickens in Fortnite: Location and How to Catch Them

Find Chickens in Fortnite: Location and How to Catch Them

Find Chickens in Fortnite: Location and How to Catch Them

In Fortnite’s latest Winterfest 2021 challenge, players must capture a chicken and then use the domesticated bird to soar about the battlefield.

You probably won’t know much about Winterfest if you haven’t been following Fortnite’s holiday event. In a word, it’s the game’s nondenominational Christmas celebration, which includes seasonal d├ęcor throughout the island as well as a particular cabin where you can unwrap gifts.

There are a variety of special quests that you can do at Winterfest in addition to all the freebies and tinselly ornaments. Every day until January 6th, a new one of these tasks will be added to get you in the holiday spirit. The quests have so far required you to perform things like pick up missing toys and slide about on ice blocks, but the most recent one is even more bizarre.

Sgt. Winters (Fortnite’s version of Santa Claus) is now requesting that you obtain a chicken and utilize its flapping wings to navigate the island.

Where to Find Chickens in Fortnite

The frustrating thing with chickens in Fortnite is that you see them all the time when you don’t need them, but they vanish as soon as you’re actively hunting them down.

Unfortunately, the Winterfest 2021 quest does not even provide suggested areas for you to search on your map, so you’re on your own here.

We were able to locate chickens in the following locations:

  1. Between Coney Crossroads and Shifty Shafts, at the curve in the road
  2. To the east of Camp Cuddle, near the river bridge
  3. To the south of Rocky Reels, at the crossroads gas station

The hens are free to roam in all three scenarios, so you may have to do some searching to find them. They did, however, consistently spawn in certain locations.

How To Catch a Chicken in Fortnite and Fly

The first step in completing the new Winterfest 2021 quest is to find a chicken.

After that, you’ll need to successfully take it by holding down the contextual button that comes on the screen when you’re close enough (on PlayStation, it’s a triangle).

After that, your character will hold the chicken above their head, and you will be able to fly around using the bird’s wings.

Simply use the jump button to do so. It will take several attempts to complete the requirements for completing the quest, so you should take care of any local hazards before you begin.

It can be difficult to catch the chicken in the first place because they run quicker than you. Your best bet is to try to corner them or utilize the crafting mechanics to construct an improvised coop that they can’t get out of.

Fortnite Chapter 3 is available for free on Xbox One, Xbox One S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

# Find Chickens in Fortnite: Location and How to Catch Them

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