Facebook New Feature Flags Misinformation

Facebook New Feature Flags Misinformation

Popular social media platform Facebook has decided to “embarrass” online accounts, pages, and groups that spread false news and information. With Facebook New Feature Flags Misinformation

Facebook said in a recent press release that users who regularly spread false. And misleading information on social media accounts will be warned by labeling their posts instead of removing them.

All social media platforms, including Facebook, facing It problem of false and baseless information. And it is becoming more and more serious whether it is related to Elections, climate change. Or the Corona pandemic for the last one and a half years.

Deleting posts based on lies has not been an effective solution to this problem. So it has been decided to change the notification after expert advice. (said by the Facebook management)

For example, now if you visit a Facebook account, page, or group where posts with incorrect information are often posted. You will get a notification warning you that this “account / The page/group regularly presents false or any incorrect information. “

The Facebook press release did not say on what basis the information in a post would be considered false, inaccurate, incorrect, or misleading. It did make it clear that the information would be verified for that purpose. Help has been sought from “reliable sources”.

People will not able to see post or maybe see rarely post from those Individual social media accounts that spread lies will have their “online status” reduced to be “punished”.

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