Facebook has started testing the 'Threads' feature

Facebook has started testing the ‘Threads’ feature

The most popular social media site Facebook has started testing the most important feature of Twitter.

According to foreign media reports, the series of threads on Twitter is now likely to be introduced on Facebook’s news feed. Currently, the application has been tested on the pages of certain and well-known personalities.

Social media consultant Matt Navara was the first to encounter this feature, screenshots of which he shared on Twitter.

What are thread posts?

The new post in the thread post is linked to the previous post. This means that users will know the updates of any topic through a single post, in which case it will be easier to follow a specific topic.

The number of words in the Twitter thread, which will be introduced in 2017, is limited, while there is no restriction on the number of tweets in this regard.

According to the application, these thread posts will have a view post thread option so that people can easily view all the posts in them. 

The company has not yet clarified whether the feature will be limited to celebrities or whether other people will be able to benefit from it.

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