ClickAdilla Review: CPC & CPM Ad Network

ClickAdilla Review: CPC & CPM Ad Network

ClickAdilla Review: The ClickAdilla network is a self-serve ad network. That suggests they’re using real-time bidding technologies. When you look at internet ad networks, you’ll notice that they’re practically all going for RTB. When I was told to look into this network, I discovered that it has a lot of positive feedback. They run campaigns. For both children and adults. This network’s revenue models are CPC and CPM.

How Can The Publishers Join The ClickAdilla?

I considered signing up for their publisher program. However, their page is now unavailable. If you want to become a publisher, you must first register with the Tube corporation. Their parent corporation is Tube Corporate. I reviewed their publisher program a few days ago, and the link is here.

How Can The Advertisers Join The ClickAdilla?

As an advertiser, you must complete out all of the fields on this sign-up page. You will receive immediate clearance after registering it. Unlike other ad networks, there is no waiting period. You can immediately set up the campaign after completing the E-Mail verification.

What Are The Ad Formats?

The ClickAdilla’s ad formats are as follows:

1. Popunder
2. Banner – 300×250, 728×90, and 300×210.
3. Native ad
4. Web-push
5. In-stream

What Are The Payment Options?

The minimum deposit or payment is $50. Credit cards, Paxum, Bitcoin, ePayments, Wire transfer, and Webmoney are the available payment methods. The deposit, on the other hand, will vary depending on the payment method.

Do You Have The Referral Program?

There is a referral scheme at ClickAdilla. The advertiser’s budget will be used to pay you a 5% commission.

What Are The Best Features Of The ClickAdilla?

1. RTB technology
2. Multiple payment options
3. Real-time reporting system
4. API
5. Dedicated support

How To Reach The Support Team?

1. E-mail:
2. Skype:

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