Call of Duty Season 11 Mobile: Battle Pass Content (Leaked)

Call of Duty Season 11 Mobile: Battle Pass Content (Leaked)

Call of Duty Season 11 Mobile: Battle Pass Content (Leaked)

Season 11 of Call of Duty Mobile is coming soon, and we’ve got all the details on some of the new content coming with the battle pass.

Season 10 of Call of Duty Mobile is being enjoyed by the gaming community, but as always, fans are looking forward to the next season, expecting it will be just as excellent, if not better.

A new season delivers fresh material, such as new characters, areas, weaponry, and more, so it’s easy to see why Season 11’s release is so anticipated.

Because the battle pass is one of the more exciting aspects of a new season, the news that part of its material has already been disclosed will thrill many.

For those unfamiliar, a battle pass is a subscription that renews each season. After purchasing the battle pass, you will have access to 100 tiers of material.

It takes a long time to level up to 100, usually a few months, but it’s well worth it for the content you obtain.

We’ll see some fantastic new weapon skins, character skins, and even some weapons and characters in this battle pass.

We’ll also see stuff from the previous Call of Duty games, and fan favorites like Ghost have made appearances in Call of Duty Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 Battle Pass Content Leaked

Call of Duty Mobile News has leaked the new content that will be included in the season 11 battle pass. Players will be ecstatic to learn that the following three items will undoubtedly be included in the battle pass:

1. Soap Skin: Cliffhanger
2. Vagr Modir: Whisper of Winter
3. PKM Skin: Boru

This is really exciting, and fan-favorite character Soap, who appeared prominently in the Modern Warfare campaigns, is a frequently utilized character, thus the creators’ decision to create a new skin is a brilliant one.

Hopefully, we will be treated to a lot more similar stuff, and if we are, Season 11 will be a huge hit with the Call of Duty community.

Keep an eye on this page for additional released information.

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