13 Worst Ways to Die in Minecraft

13 Worst Ways to Die in Minecraft

13 Worst Ways to Die in Minecraft

Within Minecraft, There are a few things that are ensured apart from dying and the respawn screen that shows. There are many options to kill yourself, each having specific frustrations. From fire to explosions Here are the most popular ways to die, from the most frustrating to the truly absurd.

So here are the 13 Worst Ways to Die in Minecraft

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13 Worst Ways to Die in Minecraft

Falling Into Lava

Of course, in the Overworld If you are killed by the lava, your hard-earned equipment, and things are lost. Lava can be found all over the place, from odd areas on plains, and in the canyon’s bottom to almost all over the Nether. It’s a dazzling spectacle to look at, and it’s one of the most dangerous kinds of blocks to be around. If you’re able to get beyond the initial bump in your Minecraft grind and enter the Nether there, you’ll be able to get the ingredients must for the Fire Resistance potion, which will render lava safe if you are trained. But even so, you just need to be ready.

Falls From A High Position

Falls that cause death is preventable and you can steer clear of high-points to limit the damage you suffer from falling, if you’re must to avoid an incline or high-point and crouch, make sure that you don’t fall off the ledge. You can enchant your boots by putting Feather Falling to lessen the harm that results from a fall. However, it is possible that you are likely to fall to the ground and die at some time. This could be in a cave that you’re exploring or you’ve decided to make a treehouse height is among the biggest dangers of Minecraft It’s too frustrating as the only person to be accountable for the death of, is you. If you’ve slept less than the past few days, and a Phantom hits you. Oops. If you do fall into the Overworld it is possible to get your belongings back if can find the location in which your body was broken into the ground.

Burial Living In Blocks That Fall Blocks

Many of blocks in Minecraft don’t adhere to gravity, which allows you to build floating islands that are not supported or whatever you want to do with them. There are some blocks, like sand and gravel, that can fall if they are not supported by another non-gravity block. These blocks are useful, when mining underground, they can become a liability. This is why it’s important to keep a shovel on your Hotbar, even when you’re just interested in blocks that provide access to the weight of a pickaxe.

To Fall At The Last

The most dangerous fall you could endure is The End. It can take a long time to reach it. You must find the End Portal, which requires the acquisition of Eyes of Ender, which will need The Ender Pearls and Blaze Sticks, both of which are quite dangerous to get. The effort will bring the player there. An End is a place with dark, empty skies, and a vast expanse of bottomless space below bizarre yellow islands. A loss within The End means death, but it is a sign that all things you’ve got are gone forever. In most other places you could be able to fall and gain some of your possessions back However, when you’re in The End, it doesn’t have any significance.

If you’re trapped beneath the earth, you’ll soon begin to lose consciousness, consuming one heart each half second. If you’ve already topped up with five seconds to survive and you should keep a shovel on hand to help you dig yourself out. It’s important to remember that getting caught in any block – one that occupies the entire cube of space can be a source of death and it’s more uncommon and more of a problem. We’ll talk about these later.


There are plenty of interesting things underwater in Minecraft from coral to ocean landmarks. But the thing is that you only have the ability to keep your breath for around 15 seconds before getting hurt. This one is one that you can make a plan for by stacking blocks and then hollowing them out to make tunnels, by locating or making water-based brews Breathing, and then making sure your objects are properly enchanting. You can prevent drowning by staying clear of the water, which is where Steves weren’t designed to go.

Incorrect handling of TNT

TNT is a great instrument for mining or taking away a huge structure and, it’s a delicate one. While working around TNT be sure to always have a backup plan. If you do accidentally start to ignite it, you’ll only have only four seconds to move out before the explosion occurs.

Knock Knock: That’s a Creeper

Every mob or monster can pose a threat in Minecraft however, many of them are easily dealt with by building a quick and dirty dirt hut or offering them something in exchange by bowing or slashing your sword. Creepers are a whole different matter. If Minecraft has one famous monster and they’re green, then these creepy creatures are the one. They’re utterly still until they’re close to you, and at that point, they start to growl, and then, a few seconds later, they explode. It’s just as terrifying as being spooked by a sibling. And with no armor, it could cause a swift death. Additionally, Creepers’ explosions can damage your homes and even kill you in weak walls, and even the most basic structures don’t offer enough protection.


Other than the Creeper The other aggravating hostile mob that can be found in Minecraft can be described as the Witch. They have this cackle, which serves as a warning prior to their attack and then a snarky remark afterward. Witches throw pots of deadly poison with the precision that of a professional pitcher and their potions can take you to the very only sliver of existence. They’re not guaranteed to kill you and they can make you a victim for even an armless zombie or skeleton sporting bows to take you in a better position.

Try to Sleep in the Nether (Or the End)

Old habits can be hard to break and certain habits can result in your death. Sleeping is one of the key elements in Minecraft that lets you have fun quickly and ward off Phantoms which are the creepy, bats that dive attack in the sky and appear after you’ve been too inactive for sleep. The Nether and The End, though, there’s no time to be found, no day or night. It’s not necessary to sleep. But if you’re playing on a server other players and someone asks “Hey can we all sleep?” Sometimes, habits take over. You lay down on a bed and you get ready to curl in, but in other dimensions, beds can literally explode, causing a lot of harm.

In the end, explosive beds are an excellent method of clearing spaces in the Nether in the search of ancient debris, which is the key ingredient to creating those near-invulnerable Netherite-based items.

Beginning A Raid

The villagers who have been corrupted, referred to as villagers (perhaps the most appropriate title for anything in all of Minecraft) roam through the Overworld. There are outposts for them but they can be found close to villages, where they’ll go after the nice, decent villagers who produce wheat and exchange it for other items. Killing an Illager Captain triggers an extensive raid that includes enemies that aren’t seen anywhere else, like Vindicators, Ravagers, Evokers, and Vex. Vex which Evokers summon. The raids are enjoyable provided you’re well-equipped but if you go into one without being aware of what you’re getting into they could be terrifying or even fatal.

If you are killed by an illager you’ll be cursed by an ill-fated Bad Omen status effect, which can begin an attack as soon as you are within a certain distance from the village. You can stop this Bad Omen effect by defeating the entire phase of the battle, then waiting for 100 minutes to disappear naturally or through one of the other methods for getting rid of the status effects. They are drinking milk, dying, or being saved by the Totem of Undying, or via the End Portal.

You’ve Afk’d In The Incorrect Location

Mob-proofing space is an essential element of creating a long-lasting Minecraft experience. It’s not a flawless method, however, due to the interplay between light, the process of sealing areas, and the rules that govern monster spawns. When you’re in large areas or a mob-friendly farm, it’s easy to believe you’ve mob-proofed your location and leave the game but then return to a screen that respawns. If you need to leave AFK make sure you put everything you need to keep in the chest so that you’re able to get it back in the event of a catastrophe.

Attacking A Golem

Iron Golems are a kind of passive mob that protects villages. It is possible to take a village away without drawing the ire of a golem. However, in the event that you be able to kill or attack a villager–or more likely, a newborn villager–the golem goes into defense mode. If a golem comes after your body, you’ll fall and could lose anything between 7 and 21, half heart. It’s best to run.

Your Trusted Friend Shot You in the Back

Take note, when you’re learning the commands of Minecraft and haven’t actually played with a bow when your friend is standing in your face while you’re trying to shoot an undead zombie, things could happen. It’s best to apologize and hope it doesn’t turn into a common comedy on the Minecraft server.

# 13 Worst Ways to Die in Minecraft

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